Test smart connectivity to deliver better performance


Wi-Fi powered by AI to take advantage of current experience


The switches provide connectivity performance and reliability.


Take advantage of a powerful combination of integrated security.


Comprehensive IT solutions allow schools to grow exponentially with the best technology to achieve a more digital environment and offer the best performance for students


Through connectivity we can make configurations and installations of all the necessary physical elements of information (servers, switches, storage Pc's, printers, cameras, etc.).integrate all the devices.


Mobility has led to the complete transformation in the digitization of classrooms and study areas. Now users can access the information they need from anywhere through any device (laptops, tablets, smart phones) safely and quickly.


Security in schools is a priority element to ensure the integrity and data of students, control the access of students to malicious sites. This is avoidable with the implementation of adequate security policies.


The new collaboration tools play a very important factor in schools because it improves processes to increase productivity, it is part of the digital transformation that helps to centralize all information.

Get the best IT infrastructure to offer the best tools to your students

Personalize your students' experience to help meet your student goals:

  • Agile and secure network to provide the necessary learning tools for students

  • Provide your staff with the necessary tools to improve teaching through digital platforms and integrations.

  • Use the technology in your favor to provide personalized access for each element whether student, administrative or teacher

  • Parents seek a safe school for their children, digital security is also important to avoid incidents of bullying

IT Consulting

Proper IT planning helps prevent problems that affect guests in connectivity and unlimited access to the internet from any corner of the hotel

Proffessional Services

Offer new technologies to create a three-way interaction to improve and streamline hotel processes through cutting-edge experience


Provide businesses with the expertise and resources needed to seamlessly evolve and expand their infrastructure to support new business needs.


Our offer of maintenance and repair allows you to have a broad and guaranteed coverage of maximum performance for the best performance of your hotel networks

Managed Services

To maintain and support the main functions of your hotel is necessary to have the best technologies and trained staff always attentive to your network

Infrastructure as a Service

We provide financial alternatives to rent, finance your IT projects with predictable pricing & lower overall costs.

Our Services

Mobility Global, Mexican company, focused on the transformation of companies improving and optimizing their IT infrastructure to improve the productivity of your company and help reduce operating costs. Our mission focuses on customized solutions, adapting to the specific needs of your company. Mobility Global offers a personalized experience that helps you simplify your IT world.

Our Clients

Our clients point us out as their IT service provider

Macias Group

Mobility Global is a dedicated and professional company

Colegio Gran Bretaña

Mobility Global is a dedicated and professional company


Mobility Global is a dedicated and professional company

Healthy Medical Center

Mobility Global is a dedicated and professional company

Punta México

Mobility Global is a dedicated and professional company

Luque Medica Center

Mobility Global is a dedicated and professional company

Residencial Valle Dorado

Mobility Global is a dedicated and professional company

Punto Azul

Mobility Global is a dedicated and professional company